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This website is for you and your various hydroponic questions.  Whether you're a hobbyist gardener interested in expanding your season, or a commercial grower wanting to offer new produce, whether you live in a tiny little center-city apartment or on a marvelously productive farm, we will help you achieve your crop-growing goals.

How To Really Succeed with Hydroponics

On the surface, this approach seems very simple.  Offer the plants all the nutrients they need in an inert growing medium, and voila!  Perfect produce every time.  Yet anyone who has experimented with growing seeds in a cup, or had a countertop grow kit, it quickly became apparent that perhaps it's not that easy.  Nutrient balances (or imbalances), proper lighting quality, quantity and intensity, temperature, CO2, humidity, irrigation rates pH adjustments and a whole host of other issues can stand between you and that perfect harvest.  That's what this website is all about - providing answers to your questions so that you have what you need to get that bountiful harvest. 

From left to right: Hydroponic strawberries in a pocket-type container; lettuce in NFT channels; a rooftop herb garden kit; a backyard tomato patch in another style of NFT channels, or possibly a variant of the flood-and-drain system.

What We Provide On This Website

No gimmicks here, and no empty promises.  No goofy stories about "my cousin's neighbor's aunt's boss once had a setup that produced 15 tons of tomatoes in 8 days in a single tub".  When we started our own hydroponic exploration, we heard a lot of tall tales, and got tired of them very quickly.  We expect you would too.  So no too-good-to-be-true fables here. Our information, equipment, solutions and approaches are well documented, well tested, and well respected by those who have been working in soilless agriculture for a long time.  We'll compare and contrast different methods and point out the pro's and con's of each so that you can make educated decisions.  We'll always try to tell you where we get our information so that you can do your own verification if you wish.  Most of the time, the information we offer will be free.  If there's a gotta-pay-for-it source of information that we think is worthy of mention, we'll tell you the cost up front.  When there are products we think pass the grade and are solid performers, we will offer them at fair market value.  And we'll always try to bring you updated information if/whenever it becomes available.

We're Here For Your Questions.
We Want Your Feedback!

As always, we always welcome your suggestions, your questions and your observations.  Mo' info, mo' betta.  So, please be patient with us as we build out this brand new website, and we look forward to bringing you the best answers we can find!  If you do have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, you can Contact Us here!

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